James R. Wilson

Grand Village at Clear Creek

James R. Wilson

Your beautiful new facility appears to have included every single amenity or service that anyone could envision or desire. Our service in our church has occasioned our presence in a number of retirement communities and care facilities, both private and church-related, in both Virginia and more recently in Texas. Some of these have been quite elaborate. But we have not seen anything to equal or surpass what you have done at Grand Village. It’s beauty, simplicity, and completeness are truly amazing.

Beyond that, what really stood out at every point was the unfailing attitude, warmth, friendliness, and helpfulness of everyone we had contact with including ownership, staff, and even residents. There was truly an atmosphere there that made one feel “this is a good place to be!”

You are to be congratulated and we wanted you to know how much we enjoyed and appreciated our time there. Yout provision of apartments for visitors gives new meaning to the word “Hospitality”!



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Grand Retirement Communities
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Fayetteville, AR 72704


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